Market assessment

If your idea becomes a product, what would be the target market? Will you be creating a new market? Will you be first to market? Will you be best in market? How would potential buyers or investors learn about you? How does your product differentiate from existing competition?

Worldwide CRO contacts

We have experience working with CRO’s worldwide for biology, chemistry, GMP synthesis, etc.


Intellectual property assessment

Are you currently working with a patent attorney? Is the IP of your program protected? Have patents been filed or are they currently in preparation?

Technology due-diligence

Is the technology novel enough for company formation? How does the technology compare to the competition? Does the technology address a large market? Would the technology attract investors and buyers?

Technology Evaluation

How feasible is it to turn the technological product into a commercial product? What would a production process entail? Can a production process be scaled up?