Qon-teq® is committed to helping start-ups, entrepreneurs and principle investigators gain clarity about the commercial options for their new technologies. Qon-teq® offers expertise from grant writing to Series A fund raising. Qon-teq® can help write successful research and business grants including a plan to commercialize a product and to acquire capital.

 Our portfolio of services includes:


Qon-teq® built a network of vendor partners and technology buyers to provide new and international companies with a successful market entry in the United States. Grant Writing Consulting is a new Qon-teq® service, helping researchers to complete applications requiring product and commercialization planning effectively and with the guidance of our professionals.

Qon-teq® operates based on a shared risk model that is tailored to each individual situation.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help you add value to your research and company.