Qon-teq® offers Consultative Sales Services for Technology Companies. If you have a product or service that is used by and sold to primarily scientists or R&D focused organizations your organization faces an additional challenge. You do not only have to deal with the general sales and marketing tasks, but also with a lengthy and complex sales cycle. The complexity is based on one or both of the two following factors: Product/Service complexity and Sales target organizations complexity.

Your product/services are based on new technology or offer a large number of features/applications. The companies and organizations you would like to sell to are used to implement cutting edge products into their internal processes. They demand technical explanations, scientific background information, and extensive products trials.

If these scenarios are familiar to you, contact us today. Qon-teq® can be your technical sales channel and distributor in North America and help you reaching your sales targets in this region.

Qon-teq® - Quintessential Technology.


Product/Service Complexity Feature rich and specialized or broad platform product, both present a challenge for generic sales approaches.
Sales Target Complexity Steering committees, multiple decision makers and approvers, technical, economic and "burnt" buyers - all need to buy in to get deals done.
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  • Suspecting
  • Prospecting
  • Pre-sales Support
  • Contracting, Licensing
  • Up-selling, Cross-selling
  • Account Management
  • Event Support
  • Sales Pipeline Reporting
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Qon-teq's mission is to bring buyers and sellers together and to facilitate license and service agreements.
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